Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How to get Fabulous 2nd Day Hair ?

We all know there are some days that washing your hair is not part of the plan. It is essential to have the perfect products to make your hair look beautiful and mostly, CLEAN! 

Dove Restyling Milk and Foam Dry Shampoo is the perfect combo for these days.

How to use them?
I use both products on my 2nd and 3rd day hair, 
FIRST I apply the Foam Dry Shampoo 

Step 1: shake the can (since is a foam) and apply a golf ball size of foam onto your palm 
Step 2: Rub product in to your palms and distribute the nfoam through your hair, u at the roots, then work your way out through the ends 
Step 3: Message until Foam disappears and then comb 

You will instantly make your hair Refreshed and Reconditioned without water, this Foam formula is really lightweight and it’s powderless so it absorbs the oil without the chalky residue and that’s what I like the most about this product, I also  LOVE the Fresh smell it gives me 

SECOND, I style my hair, I mostly like to do it wavy and leave it down for the 2nd day. For the 3rd day I like to add something extra like a half ponytail with some bobby pins or cute brooches like in this picture 

THIRD, I use the Re-Styling MILK

Step 1: Apply directly to hair or apply a small amount of product to hands
Step 2: Glide through waves for a smooth definition or scrunch curls for added texture

This product will Re-Shape and Re-Hydrate your waves on days between washes without the need of water, also is reduces frizz and defines your curls leaving your hair looking smooth and nourished.

So there you go, this is my easy and affordable Go-To routine for my days between washes, you can buy these products at any Walmart near you, Link to Shop.  HERE

Sponsored by Dove 

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